Debian Bind 9.4.1 crash

Iñaki Martínez Díez sysadmin at
Wed Jul 18 15:20:12 UTC 2007

 Evan Hunt wrote: Today my Debian bind 9.4.1 crash suddenly, the log says:
18-Jul-2007 12:37:20.025 general: critical: time.c:136:
INSIST(t->nanoseconds<1000000000) failed 18-Jul-2007 12:37:20.025 general:
critical: exiting (due to assertion failure) What does that mean???? It
meansthe isc_time_isepoch() routine encountered an illegal value. Time
valuesare stored in a structure with fields for "seconds" and "nanoseconds".
Nanoseconds should always be less than a billion, because that's how many
nanoseconds there are in a second. It's hard to guess why this happened
without at least a stack backtrace. Has it happened more than once? 
 Yes, it is the firs time, but i upgrade to 9.4.1 a few days ago, i hope
thisis the last time.

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