Debian Bind 9.4.1 crash

Danny Mayer mayer at
Mon Jul 23 02:43:51 UTC 2007

Iñaki Martínez Díez wrote:
> Hi,
>  Today my Debian bind 9.4.1 crash suddenly, the log says:
> 18-Jul-2007 12:37:20.025 general: critical: time.c:136:
> INSIST(t->nanoseconds < 1000000000) failed
> 18-Jul-2007 12:37:20.025 general: critical: exiting (due to assertion
> failure)
>  What does that mean????

It means that you have garbage in the nanoseconds field of this
structure. I almost certainly means one of two things: it wasn't
initialized by whatever called the routine or something overwrote the
memory. Either way you should report this as a bug to bind9-bugs at
so that it can be tracked.


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