BIND covered under which license and does it conatin any cryptographic content ?

Lulu neoequal at
Thu Jul 19 01:21:39 UTC 2007

Hi all,
    I unable to confirm about licensing of BIND9 in other words bind9
covered under which license. IN the site I found a line written about
license is that
"BIND is available at no charge under the BSD License"

Secondly the source tar ball contain no separate file called License
rather a COPYRIGHT file is there but it says nothing about BSD there
like whether it is 2 clause, 3 clause or anything else.

Thirdly in wikipedia I found BIND9 covered under ISC license which is
functionally equivalent to BSD.

1. So can anyone shed some light on this?

2. Does this software contain any Cryptographic Content? if yes where
I can find all the  the type and key size of all cryptographic
software included? and
3. how it is used?

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