BIND covered under which license and does it conatin any cryptographic content ?

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Thu Jul 19 08:52:26 UTC 2007

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> I unable to confirm about licensing of BIND9 in other words bind9
> covered under which license.

Warning 1: IANAL
Warning 2: I do not work for ISC and I wrote zero line of code in BIND

> IN the site I found a line written about license is that "BIND is
> available at no charge under the BSD License"

It seems a small error. While ISC license is a 2-clause BSD, I do not
think that many people call "BSD" a license which is not the 3-clause
or the 4-clause one.
> Secondly the source tar ball contain no separate file called License
> rather a COPYRIGHT file is there but it says nothing about BSD there
> like whether it is 2 clause, 3 clause or anything else.

[It is clearly the authoritative information. A Web page, even hosted
at ISC, carries less weight.]

In practice, ISC license is a BSD, with the third clause ("Neither the
name of the <organization> nor the names of its contributors may be
used to endorse...") removed.

> Thirdly in wikipedia I found BIND9 covered under ISC license which is
> functionally equivalent to BSD.

It seems a fair description. Do note that ISC does not seem to use the
name "ISC license". 

And why do some people write licence with a c and some with a s?

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