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Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
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>> It has become a burden for the DNS team to create new DNS zone.  If
>> a user asks for the administrator has to do a dual
>> entry in two different zones.  One for and one for
>>  Is there a way to overcome this problem so when we
>> add that "something" is created to point
>> to the same address?
> Very easy. Several solutions:
> 1) Use only one zone file, with all the content in it being relative
> (i.e. using @ instead of the zone name, not adding the zone name and
> the final dot, etc). Then use, a symbolic link on the master name
> server.
> 2) Generate zone files from some sort of a database (it does not have
> to be a relational database engine, text files with a format are
> databases, too, and so are XML or JSON files) with ten lines of Perl
> or Python.
> 3) Mark Andrews will probably add: DNAME :-)

Could you provide a simple example of named.conf and the .db file I 
would use under the scenario of  I like the first solution
the best as it is really not a hack and a true implementation of Bind.  
Like I said I am a newbie to bind and the @ threw me off lol ;)

Is this what you are talking about?  Also the symbolic link throws me off. 

zone "" {
     type master;
     file "";
zone ""{
    type master;
    file "";

ln -s ????
$TTL 38400
@.      IN      SOA (
                        38400 )
foorbar                    IN      A  <== would 
resolve as well?

Thanks in advance



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