9.3.2 behavior - explain please

Pavel Urban urbanp at mlp.cz
Tue Jul 31 20:20:01 UTC 2007

The question is: why I don't see the data when I'm asking localhost, 
which is configured to be a master for this zone? Is it an expected 
behavior, and is there a way to get this information from a server, even 
without a delegation from 'upstream' servers? I'm persuaded that I used 
to have some domains defined just locally and they resolved ok...

Chris Buxton wrote:
> What exactly is the question?
> With the +trace option to dig, you've discovered/verified that the  
> domain is not delegated from .cz. Fine, that matches what you said.
> You're able to get a zone transfer when specifying the localhost  
> server, so the server is authoritative for the zone. This also  
> matches what you said.
> No server has this data in cache. This is a normal consequence of the  
> zone not being delegated to your server.
> If you want to see the data in a database dump, remember to specify "- 
> all" in the command:
> rndc dumpdb -all
> Otherwise, the server only writes out records from cache, i.e.  
> records retrieved from other servers.
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