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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Mar 1 22:12:50 UTC 2007

> HI All,
> I'm new to using the Bind  DNS. I'm currently trying to monitor
> statistics from our servers.  Can anyone tell me what the maximum values
> of the below statistical counters are:-
> success	The number of successful queries made to the server or zone. A
> successful query is defined as query which returns a NOERROR response
> with at least one answer RR.	
> referral	The number of queries which resulted in referral
> responses.	
> nxrrset	The number of queries which resulted in NOERROR responses with
> no data.	
> nxdomain	The number of queries which resulted in NXDOMAIN
> responses.	
> failure	The number of queries which resulted in a failure response othe
> r
> than those above.	
> recursion	The number of queries which caused the server to perform
> recursion in order to find the final answer.	

> Thanks in advance
> Andy Charles
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