bind9/dhcp3 DDNS error

jerzy burzek jerzy.burzek at
Sun Mar 11 21:28:10 UTC 2007

Hello, i have small network (25 PC) with windows 2000/XP and debian 
server with dhcp3 and bind 9

While trying to implement ddns (dhcp updates dns), there is a problem 
with updates.
Clients are able to register in the reverse zone, but there are no
records in forward zone. In log, these lines are present:

hts-fw named[2100]: client updating zone 
'': update unsuccessful: 'RRset exists 
(value dependent)' prerequisite not satisfied (NXRRSET)
Mar 11 21:56:53 hts-fw named[2100]: client update 
'' denied

Have anyone idea what i'm doing wrong?

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