Using bind in cooperation with LDAP

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> Subject: Using bind in cooperation with LDAP
> I am wondering if there is an API or hook of any kind (other method?)
> that one might employ to get DNS information from LDAP.
> I've looked at packages like bind-DLZ and bind-sdb that allow one to
> store DNS in ldap but I don't think that's quite what I am after; I
> don't want to put large amounts of the DNS info into LDAP.
> Our environment right now has a modified (modified by someone other
> than me) version of bind 8 that allows us to send queries to a
> special zone off to x500 and returns one value from the directory
> that is basically the A-record to the CNAME that was asked for. Each
> user on the directory has their own alias for their mailhost so that
> when it is necessary to move user from host1 to host2, they do no
> have to change their configuration. For example:
> 1. Our x500 zone is ""
> 2. Because it is *, when a request comes through for
> Bind8 it is directed at x500 via a directive
> in named.conf
> 3. A search is performed for the username 'smit1234' which returns
> the value from the 'umnEmailHost' attribute for that username--which
> is something like '' and the user is sent along
> to the proper host.
> We are in the process of upgrading our system to Bind9 and the small
> number of systems that handle the above transactions are the only
> holdouts. Is there a simple way to produce the same behavior with
> Does the list have advice on doing something similar with bind9 or
> comments on what might be the best replacement set up? Seems to me we
> could accomplish the same thing using bind-sdb or similar but it
> would involve some more information in the directory...
> Thanks!
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Since it appears that the x500 zone is separate from all other zones,
then bind-sdb seems like a great way to go. The problem is that it
relies on a specific schema (dNSZone). If you have a little C knowledge,
it shouldn't be a lot of effort to modify ldapdb.c to use the field
names you want.

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