Can DNAME records be deployed in the wild?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed May 2 21:32:38 UTC 2007

> Is anyone trying to deploy DNAME records in the wild yet? There are
> various situations in which they might be useful to us if they
> worked. (None of these to do with IPv6, incidentally: it's a great
> pity that DNAME got tangled up in the A6/binary-labels saga.)
> Some specific questions I have in mind are
>  1. Which nameserver software, other than BIND 9, understands
>     DNAME in zones for which it is authoritative well enough   
>     to do CNAME synthesis? (In particular, which Windows DNS
>     Server versions, if any, can cope?)
>  2. Are there stub resolvers around that cannot cope with the
>     answers that BIND 9 gives, in which the DNAME record precedes
>     the synthesised CNAME record?
> But I expect there are plenty of other gotchas I haven't thought
> of yet.
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	I've used them for years.
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