Can DNAME records be deployed in the wild?

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Thu May 3 11:30:15 UTC 2007

On May 2 2007, Mark Andrews wrote:
>> Is anyone trying to deploy DNAME records in the wild yet? [...]>
>	I've used them for years.

... and I have had similar reports off-list.

I take that to mean that any worries about stub resolvers are
unwarranted. But I would still like some feedback on
>>  1. Which nameserver software, other than BIND 9, understands
>>     DNAME in zones for which it is authoritative well enough   
>>     to do CNAME synthesis? (In particular, which Windows DNS
>>     Server versions, if any, can cope?)

Is anyone using DNAMEs in zones for which slave servers (either
official or stealth) are running something other than BIND 9.x?
All our official slaves are BIND 9, but we encourage stealth
slaving within the university network and there are all sorts of
weird things out there, Windows 2003 (and even 2000!) DNS Server 
in particular.

I know that BIND 8.x does not really support DNAME. (Even in 8.4.7,
named-xfer writes the type as "DNAME" but the rdata in hex in the
zone file, and named doesn't like the look of that and refuses to
load the zone file.)

Apologies for asking about the properties of non-BIND implementations
on bind-users ... :-)

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