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Chris Thompson cet1 at
Mon May 7 16:14:33 UTC 2007

On Apr 30 2007, Andrea wrote:

>Sorry...i speak english just a little...i hope you understand me!
>i've update my bind to latest version.
>I've some problem. My Secondary DNS create some files of this type
>it create a lots of this file! What this files "do" in my BIND?

It doesn't look as if anyone has answered this one.

db-XXXXXX and jn-XXXXXX names are used by BIND to save the previous
master or journal files for slave or stub zones when it has had trouble
using them.  After renaming the putatively broken files out of the way,
it schedules an immediate refresh of the zone.

If you are getting lots of them, then your configuration is likely broken
in some way. One possible cause is specifying the same master file for
more than one slave zone. In any case, looking at the db-XXXXXX file 
contents should give you a clue as to which zone(s) are involved.

Chris Thompson
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