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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Mon May 7 23:16:38 UTC 2007

> On Apr 30 2007, Andrea wrote:
> >Hello
> >Sorry...i speak english just a little...i hope you understand me!
> >i've update my bind to latest version.
> >I've some problem. My Secondary DNS create some files of this type
> >db-000532
> >db-000736
> >db-000952
> >it create a lots of this file! What this files "do" in my BIND?
> It doesn't look as if anyone has answered this one.
> db-XXXXXX and jn-XXXXXX names are used by BIND to save the previous
> master or journal files for slave or stub zones when it has had trouble
> using them.  After renaming the putatively broken files out of the way,
> it schedules an immediate refresh of the zone.
> If you are getting lots of them, then your configuration is likely broken
> in some way. One possible cause is specifying the same master file for
> more than one slave zone. In any case, looking at the db-XXXXXX file 
> contents should give you a clue as to which zone(s) are involved.
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> Chris Thompson
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	Named also logs a message to say that it is doing this.

        dns_zone_log(zone, ISC_LOG_INFO, "saved '%s' as '%s'",
                     path, buf);

	From this you will get the zone name and the original file
	name.  This usually is enough to work out what the problem

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