Ignoring out-of-zone data

Lisa Casey lisa at jellico.net
Mon May 7 16:54:42 UTC 2007


Running Bind 9.3.0
I have a Class C (207.191.185) and several domain names each with an IP 
address from that Class C. jellico.com is my primary domain name. Before 
upgrading to Bind 9, I had the other domain names listed in jellico.com.db 
like so:

multi-230       IN      A
tspma.com.      IN      A
copperhill.com. IN      A
multi-233       IN      A
www.jellico.net.        IN      A
jellicoalumni.com.      IN      A
stair-way-to-heaven.com.        IN      A

They are also listed in 185.191.207.in-addr.arpa  plus each has it's own 
zone file: tspma.com.db, etc.

After upgrading to Bind 9, Bind complains about ignoring out-of-zone data in 

I took the entries for the other domain names out of jellico.com.db and now 
when I reload the name server it reloads without complaint.

The domain that I'm most concerned with right now is jellico.net  It's IP 
address is  I took it out of jellico.com.db, but it is still 
listed in  185.191.207.in-addr.arpa  like so:

4       IN      PTR     jellico.net.

and it has it's own zone file: jellico.net.db which looks like this:

; Authoritative data for jellico.net
          ; zone jellico.net
$TTL  3600
jellico.net.       IN      SOA  ns.jellico.net. root.jellico.net.  (
                                200611091       ; Serial
                                3600            ; Refresh one hour
                                900             ; Retry 15 minutes
                                604800          ; Expire one week
                                3600 )          ; Minimum TTL one hour
;  Nameservers
                IN      NS      ns.jellico.net.
                IN      NS      bluegrass.tcnet.net.

                IN      MX 10   mail.jellico.com.
                IN      MX 20   bluegrass.tcnet.net.

jellico.net.    IN      A
ns              IN      A
www             IN      A

ns.jellico.net.         IN      A

If I go to dnsstuff.com, I can resolve jellico.net to it's IP address, but I 
cannot resolve the IP address back to jellico.net (reverse DNS isn't working 
for this domain). So AOL will not accept mail from this domain. What have I 
got wrong here?


Lisa Casey

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