Ignoring out-of-zone data

Riemer Palstra riemer at palstra.com
Mon May 7 23:16:59 UTC 2007

On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 12:54:42PM -0400, Lisa Casey wrote:
> Before upgrading to Bind 9, I had the other domain names listed in
> jellico.com.db


> jellico.net.    IN      A
> ns              IN      A
> ns.jellico.net.         IN      A

Why are you defining ns.jellico.net twice in the same zonefile?

> If I go to dnsstuff.com, I can resolve jellico.net to it's IP address,
> but I cannot resolve the IP address back to jellico.net (reverse DNS
> isn't working for this domain). So AOL will not accept mail from this
> domain. What have I got wrong here?

Well, although you have a zone for 185.191.207.in-addr.arpa configured,
it seems its authoritive nameservers are ns1.butler.net and
ns2.butler.net. Is that you? Or perhaps are they slaving that zone from
your nameserver? If not, then it's probably Butler Networks which needs
to delegate the zone to you, or make the changes to the reverse zone on
their nameservers.

Riemer Palstra
riemer at palstra.com

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