Resolv local network names [Newbie question]

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Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
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>> [Interesting to search Awahi on a search engine...]
> This is Avahi, not Awahi (in the same way that Apple's proprietary
> system is Bonjour, not Bonyour).
> (Thanks to Rachid Zarouali for the link)

Your spelling is correct, sorry I am using a french keyboard :)

I remember discussions at IETF wether publishing llmnr as an
experimental draft would be harmful. I remember it would break
a lost of things - including DNS.

And I remember seeing queries for ".local" on the rootservers.

There has been a ".local" domain on some ISP rootservers and it
was breaking windows boxes when Microsoft started experimenting
with llmnr. It was not breaking Bonjour nor did we see queries
for ".local" from those machines.

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