4 DNS servers, 1 BIND9 slave, 2 BIND8.4 slaves, 1 BIND8 master

Ian Savoy isavoy at ewebforce.net
Mon May 14 18:18:23 UTC 2007

Thanks Andy,

Just to confirm, you've always had to update the slave manually upon 
each addition of a new domain on your master?  that's a little messed up 
if you ask me, but then again, i'm coming from the bind8 world :)  Heh, 
i guess i'm really just waiting for someone to say that we both have a 
configuration error, due to the fact that i just _can't_ believe this! ;)

If this is just the way things are, then i guess i'll have to script it, 
but shouldn't the transfer from slave to master be automatic?  i know 
that bind8 was a lot more forgiving as far as configuration goes, but 
still...why now all of a sudden do i have to manually add zones to a 
slave?  Anybody have an answer?...feel free to be as technical as you 
like :)

-Ian Savoy

Andy Shellam wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> Personally I've always had to do this, but then the first Bind version I 
> used was Bind 9.
> It makes sense, for the following reasons:
> a) How will the slave know which zones it's authoritative for?
> b) How will the slave know which is the master/s server?
> c) How will the slave know where to store it's zone files for the zones?
> I can confirm this would still be the case if you upgraded your master 
> to 9.4, as both my master/slave are running 9.4.1.
> Andy.
> Ian Savoy wrote:
>> The issue i am having is regarding zone transfers between my bind9 slave 
>> and my bind8 master.  It appears that i have to manually add the zone in 
>> named.conf on my slave before the rndc utility will update the domain 
>> after it's created on the master.  My normal procedure was as follows 
>> before the upgrade:
>>    1. add zone to named.conf on master
>>    2. create zone file for domain being added
>>    3. run 'rndc reload domain.com' on the master
>>    4. run 'rndc reload domain.com' on the slave
>> These steps would normally result in updating the zones on the slave as 
>> well, WITHOUT having to manually add a line in named.conf, however now i 
>> have to do the following:
>>    1. add zone to named.conf on master
>>    2. create zone file on master
>>    3. run rndc reconfig on master
>>    4. add zone to named.conf on bind9 slave
>>    5. run rndc reload on slave
>> Questions:
>>    1. Would i have this problem if i upgraded my master to BIND9?
>>    2. Is there a workaround, or another way of doing this.
>> This problem started after a migration, however it was a very smooth 
>> migration, and there are no configuration differences on the servers, 
>> i.e. the settings on the old bind8 slave are the same on the bind9 slave 
>> that replaced it - thus, this is not a misconfiguration as far as i can 
>> tell.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> -Ian

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