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Mon May 21 06:19:40 UTC 2007

--On lördag, lördag 19 maj 2007 16.46.54 +0200 Jean-François Leroux
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> Thanks for your answer, Kevin.
> I reinstalled bind9 and it works now (actually I reinstalled previous
> 9.3.2, then updated to 9.4.3). Don't know what happened.
> Just for the record, the message from S4 was: 'zone is up to date', as
> when the server is functioning correctly, but zone wasn't since it's
> serial was one increment late...
> However, from what you said I'm wondering about something:
> I noticed in my named.conf.local that S3 notifies S2 and S4 too (the two
> external dns servers). Since S1 already notifies S2, is there a risk of
> trouble because of this duplicated notify from S1 and S3?

Doubled notifies should not be a problem; they're just discarded or NOOP's.
Make certain that you see a notify from the server you have in masters {};
directive -- the slave will by default discard notifies from servers not in
masters {}; (But also look at "allow-notify"). One idea; is the zone size
significant? It might be so that the notify arrives from S1 to S4 and is
processed before the zone has been properly transfered to S2. 

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