Strange problem

Jean-François Leroux leroux.jeanfrancois at
Mon May 21 21:40:41 UTC 2007

> Doubled notifies should not be a problem; they're just discarded or
> NOOP's.
> Make certain that you see a notify from the server you have in masters {};
> directive -- the slave will by default discard notifies from servers not
> in
> masters {}; (But also look at "allow-notify").

Yes, the slave discards notifies, as I've seen in the log. Now can I (or
should I) allow notification from my internal slave, either by adding it as
a master for that zone or by adding it in my 'notifers' acl, which is used
inside the zone statement?
What I'd like to do is giving redundancy, but I'm not sure this is the
correct way to do it.

One idea; is the zone size
> significant? It might be so that the notify arrives from S1 to S4 and is
> processed before the zone has been properly transfered to S2.

Well, no, the zone isn't really significant ( about 100 lines), but the idea
was fine. Actually, reinstalling bind9 solved this, so I guess something had
gone wrong when updating from 9.3.2 to 9.3.4.

Thanks for your answer too.

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