dig Query time

Ed Sawicki ed at alcpress.com
Tue May 22 20:27:40 UTC 2007

When I query a certain BIND name server, it takes
several seconds for dig to display the results.
Yet, the results show that the query time is
fast - 145 milliseconds in this example:

;; Query time: 145 msec

I captured packets showing what's happening on the
wire. Here's a simplified tcpdump trace:

13:08:44.29  fire  > ns2    A? search.example.com
13:08:49.29  fire  > ns2    A? search.example.com
13:08:49.43  ns2   > fire   A  search.example.com

The server doesn't respond to the first query.
Five seconds later, dig tries again and gets an
answer this time. It displays "145 msec" instead
of telling me that the query failed or that the
total query time was 5 seconds plus.

I guess this is normal behavior for dig. Any comments?


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