Question About SLAVE DNS and named.conf

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue May 29 21:28:51 UTC 2007

Lucien GENTIS wrote:
> Cekke a écrit :
>> Hello
>> I've got Three DNS. Actually i create the .dns file on DNS1 and update
>> named.conf.
>> On Dns2 and Dns3 i only update the named.conf(and they go on Dns1 (master)
>> to take the file)
>> Question : it's possible to find a Way to update only Dns1?
>> Dns2 and Dns3 must be (every time) update in named.conf or there's a way to
>> auto-update?
>> tank you very much
> Hello,
> This works for me:
> Add these two lines in file named.conf on each slave:
> allow-notify {<IP address of master>;};
> notify no;
> So, every time you modify zone file on master, and restart
> master bind daemon, slaves are automatically notified and updated.
> What do bind experts think of this solution ?
I think the original poster is asking whether there is a way, whwnever a 
new zone definition is added to the primary master server, to have the 
slaves automatically configure themselves with matching slave-zone 
definitions. Answer: BIND provides no way to do this. People either pay 
for commercial product to manage this kind of thing (it's often rolled 
into a whole DNS/DHCP/IPAM (= IP Address Management) package), or they 
roll their own solution.

Since the original poster refers to ".dns" files, which is not a 
filename suffix to which BIND attaches any special significance, that 
he/she is already using some sort of management tool to manage BIND 
configurations on the master box. Maybe the tool has some sort of "slave 
autoconfigure" capability, but that question should be asked on a 
mailing list specific to that tool (or to the OS or distribution which 
provides the tool, if any), since it goes beyond just a BIND question.

                        - Kevin

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