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Thu Oct 11 07:42:14 UTC 2007

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> I have begun the process of creating a split external/internal dns setup. I
> am using bind views so that internal users can see the full zone list, but
> external users only see the Internet routable addresses. It seems to be
> working except for one small issue....I have a subdomain that is delegated
> out to my load balancing devices, i.e. - the load
> balancers are running bind, and are authoritative, for the global subdomain.
> When a user queries, it is actually an alias to
> It looks like the only way that I can get this to
> work is to turn on recursion for the external view, but would rather not. Is
> there some way to do this that I'm missing??? I tried forwarders and stub
> zones but nothing seems to work....Thanks for any help....

Recursion and forwarders won't help because queries from external 
nameservers will not have the Recursion Desired flag set.

I don't understand why delegation records in the external view don't 
work for you.

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