Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Oct 24 03:32:06 UTC 2007

> Hello everyone,
> I am somehow a newbie with DNS BIND. A system I am trying to ponder on
> requires a functionality that somehow fits the RES_BLAST option in
> However, as I tried to study parts of the BIND9 code, I find that there
> seems to be no implementation. I think this is also mentioned in some dns
> tutorial sites on the net.
> I do not fully understand the pros and cons of RES_BLAST, but I would like
> to know theoretically, why BIND9 has not implemented it yet. I mean if there
> is a fatal or severe consequence, when our lookup algorithm is to query all
> name servers simultaneously.
> Thank you,
> Gauvin L. Repuspolo
> Research and Development Engineer
> Philippines

	RES_BLAST is available in lib/bind
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