Rndc stats not showing correct figures

Hisham Al Saad hisham.alsaad at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 05:17:56 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I have 2 cache DNS servers running BIND 9.4.1. The command 'rndc
stats' works fine on one server with correct figures while on the
other one showing very low number of queries.

+++ Statistics Dump +++ (1190524500)
success 493122    <<<<<< These numbers are not correct , very low
referral 448
nxrrset 6406
nxdomain 133565
recursion 649462
failure 491752
duplicate 14223
dropped 41853
--- Statistics Dump --- (1190524500)

By monitoring its log file i can see dns requests hitting the server
but not reflecting the correct number for (e.g success) in named.stats
when I run 'rndc stats'. I can't figure out what's wrong !!
any help would be appreciated.

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