DNS issues with tmomail.net

Sam Wilson Sam.Wilson at ed.ac.uk
Wed Dec 10 16:58:23 UTC 2008

In article <ghoru5$1v0q$1 at sf1.isc.org>,
 David Ford <david at blue-labs.org> wrote:

> I frequently send short messages to some cellphone users on
>.  Several weeks ago I started noticing that bind is having
> problems keeping records for tmomail once they get stale.  Specifically
> the MX record.  If I restart bind, I can immediately get the MX record
> again.
> I'm running 9.5.0_p2 (9.5.0_p2-r1) on Gentoo.
> Is anyone else noticing this?

I hadn't noticed it but all the records in the response to a request for 
the MX for tmomail.net have a TTL of 60 seconds, that's the MX record, 
the NS authority record and the additional A record.  The names in the 
delegation NS records for for tmomail.net are different from the 
authoritative ones, though they seem to be the same servers.  There's 
considerable opportunity there for things to go wrong, though it all 
seems to work fine from here.


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