DNS issues with tmomail.net

David Ford david at blue-labs.org
Wed Dec 10 17:18:28 UTC 2008

Sam Wilson wrote:
> I hadn't noticed it but all the records in the response to a request for 
> the MX for tmomail.net have a TTL of 60 seconds, that's the MX record, 
> the NS authority record and the additional A record.  The names in the 
> delegation NS records for for tmomail.net are different from the 
> authoritative ones, though they seem to be the same servers.  There's 
> considerable opportunity there for things to go wrong, though it all 
> seems to work fine from here.
It will work for hours, sometimes a day before bind is unable to fetch records for it again.  But immediately upon restarting bind, bind is able to go fetch records for it.  I understand that the records for tmomail.net are problematic but what makes the difference in bind from running a while vs. a fresh restart when it comes to fetching records?  Why would it be 100% successful on restart?
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