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You can make a single generic file and reference that one file repeatedly in
the named.conf in each zone definition. I do that frequently for private IP
address space. But keep in mind that if there are any errors in the file,
you loose EVERYTHING. You can also consider using "INCLUDE" statements if
you wanted. You can create a single file that all of the individual zone
files reference for data. You still have the upfront expense of creating
individual zone files for each domain..but it does give you the flexibility
to create unique records for any given domain without it populating in all
domains. Just a thought.

The number of zones is only really going to effect your performance when the
named.conf file has to be read in anew. It has to load each zone
individually.  The bigger concern you are going to have regarding what kind
of hardware you want to get is going to be based on the number of queries
the machine is going to have to answer at any one time. I don't have any
hard and fast formulas for calcuting that out but I'm sure there are others
on this list that do. Hopefully someone will cough one up. I wouldn't mind
seeing that myself. :)

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 8:36 PM, Scott Haneda <talklists at> wrote:

> Hello, I am working with a client of mine, who jumped right into developing
> a backend system for managing his arsenal of sites.  I am not entirely sure
> what he is up to, but there is potential to have to add in 50,000 zones.
> From what I can gather, all the zones are the same, they all have 2 A
> records, pointing to the same IP address.
> First, if I learn it is in fact true that all 50K zones will be identical,
> is there any reason to make 50K zone files? Is it ok to point different
> domains to the same zone file?
> If not, it is not a huge deal, just a little more management to clean up
> additions and deletions and such.
> What type of hardware am I going to need CPU wise to deal with this many
> domains?  Currently, I have been managing cases in which a few thousand seem
> to be no big deal, on minimal hardware, something like a Mac Mini at times.
> Does upping the qty of domains and zones a few orders of magnitude cause
> any issues?  Or does it all come back to how many lookups per second are
> happening?
> There is no recursion on these servers, they are just serving out zone
> data, no clients connect to these machines.
> Thanks
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> Scott
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