DNS Recognition

wes bind at the-wes.com
Wed Dec 24 20:40:51 UTC 2008

> Some gTLD registrars (such as those for .net if memory serves correctly)
> require your nameservers to be registered in a server registry (I think
> OpenSRS or Tucows.)  Some registrars update/maintain these entries
> automatically, with others you have to request it.
> Andy

To clarify, all gTLD registrars require nameservers to be registered with
the registry. This is because the registrar is simply passing the requests
along to the registry, and the registry itself requires that any nameservers
in use on a domain must be registered first. To my knowledge, all gTLD
registries require this. I am positive about com/net/org, and almost certain
about biz/name/info. As for the ccTLDs.... all bets are off.

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