DDNS - Question of best practices.

Luis Fernando Lacayo lflacayo at cps.k12.il.us
Wed Jun 4 13:45:13 UTC 2008

Hello all, 

First let me state that I am pretty new to DDNS and I am looking for a
best practice of implementing DDNS.

I have a pretty large network, and I am looking to enable DDNS at all
the schools as well as the central office of the Chicago Public School

The following scenario best describes my network right now. 

I have:

1 master DNS server 
3 slave DNS servers 

The schools use 2 of the the slaves and the central office use the
master and the other slave. Right now all the slaves are updated by the
single master.

My plan is to implement a HIDDEN master, which will update the other 4. 

This is where I am a little unsure.

Should the DHCP server update the hidden master via DDNS or should I
update the other 4 directly. 


Luis Fernando Lacayo
Chicago Public Schools
Senior Unix Administrator
ITS/ UNIX Infrastructure
Office: 773-553-3835
Cell: 773-203-4493

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