DNS resolution over multicast in a combined bind/ADS server environment

Dawn Connelly dawn.connelly at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 18:35:10 UTC 2008

1. You can make any domain you want on bind. Heck, if you really wanted you
could have a domain called monkeys.xyz as long as you define it correctly in
the named.conf file. The Windows DNS server and the BIND DNS server are only
as aware of each other as you want them to be. If you want the BIND server
to pull a domain from the windows server, define it as a slave on your BIND
server and point to your windows server as a master (and of course allow
zone transfers on your windows box). If you don't want BIND to have anything
to do with the AD DNS server, don't tell it about it. You have complete
2. Your clients will use whatever DNS server you tell them to. They don't
have to have any awareness of the BIND server if you don't put it in their
configure. Again, it's completely up to you how you configure it.

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 7:37 AM, John <linux55 at bluemail.ch> wrote:

> Hello,
> we intend to install a DNS server under Linux, also because the new
> mailserver Zimbra seems to require a local DNS server.
> Before we had only a W2K3 based AD domaincontroller which was(is) the
> DNS server for 5 WXP clients (with database clients installed)
> I heard that it's problematic to have an AD domaincontroller in the
> network with the name abcdefg.local (resolution over multicast)
> .
> Questions:
> 1.
> What is the real problem in having an ADS with the name abcdefg.local
> in the same network with a Linux based DNS server?
> 2.
> Could the W2K3 based ADS continue to be the DNS server for the 5 WXP
> clients?
> Any feedback is appreciated very much. Thank you!
> Bill

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