"No A record found for edtweb12"

Blaine Fleming groups at digital-z.com
Thu Jun 12 18:24:58 UTC 2008

Michael Coumerilh wrote:
> but our own." He mentioned they use WIndows 2003 servers/DNS. SO,  
> maybe it's a known issue that they've not fixed since they've set up  
> shop.

While Microsoft DNS servers are far from perfect, the errors we are 
seeing are not from the software but the config.  Of course, the 
timeouts could be from the software but they could just as easily be 
server load.  My response to the client would be that they don't seem to 
care if the site works and could easily be costing the client money.  If 
the client is having troubles getting to their own site then how many 
people have tried to spend money there and have not been able to get to 
the site?  Hosting can be cheap and there are literally millions of 
people offering it that can do a better job and probably at a lower price.

I hate to see things like this.  DNS isn't that hard to maintain but 
really easy to screw up.


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