"No A record found for edtweb12"

Kirk bind at kirkb.net
Thu Jun 12 18:49:15 UTC 2008

Michael Coumerilh wrote:
> yep. just got off the phone with the host. Per the gentleman I was  
> talking to, the zone files are identical for both name servers as they  
> are just pointing to 2 separate IPs on the same computer. "DNS has  
> always worked for the other 10,000+ clients that we have, and some 3rd  
> party DNS testers always return errors, which sometimes scares people,  
> when in reality nothing is wrong." He refused, politely, to even go to  
> dnscheck.se to see what I was complaining about just so I could show  
> him the errors. Pat answer after pat answer. "We don't trust anyone  
> but our own." He mentioned they use WIndows 2003 servers/DNS. SO,  
> maybe it's a known issue that they've not fixed since they've set up  
> shop.
> Michael
> On Jun 12, 2008, at 12:32 PM, Howard Wilkinson wrote:
>> Michael Coumerilh wrote:
>>> That's my suggestion too, but my client said that he's already got
>>> time/effort/etc invested in this host. I agree, if one thing is  
>>> wrong,
>>> then who knows what else is wrong. IF I can get them to fix this,  
>>> then
>>> it might be ok, and we just move on. IF it's fixed, but then there  
>>> are
>>> other problems, then a move would be best. Same with if they won't/
>>> don't fix it.
>>> So, as far as validating my sleuthing skills, can anyone give me a  
>>> yea
>>> or nay? Is the secondary NS record misconfigured?
>>> Michael
>>> On Jun 12, 2008, at 11:44 AM, Blaine Fleming wrote:
>>>> Michael Coumerilh wrote:
>>>>> He asked his host about this, and they basically said, "It's not
>>>>> misconfigured, and NS23 and NS24 are the same computer anyway, so  
>>>>> it
>>>>> wouldn't matter." It seems to me that the secondary NS
>>>>> (ns24.empiredatatech.com) is where the problem lies. My theory is
>>>>> that
>>>>> once the local DNS server requests the page, if it returns the
>>>>> secondary NS it will fail. If, however it returns the primary  
>>>>> server
>>>>> it comes up as usual.
>>>>> Can someone please help confirm this?


Several of us have already pointed out this provider has issues with their 
DNS.  And they apparently are not willing to correct them.  However, I am not 
sure(but could be wrong) that we have identified the root of the problem you 
initially spoke of.

If DNS is the culprit in the connectivity issue for your client, he/you can 
move the domain to a different DNS hosting service but still continue using 
the same provider(empiredatatech.com) for Web hosting.  In other words, you 
don't have to use the WEB hosting service provider for DNS unless you / 
client just wants to out of convenience.

I hope this doesn't muddy the waters, but thought it important to speak up.


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