dns issue?

warth33 at hotmail.com warth33 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 13 00:16:23 UTC 2008

Well, I dont know if Im at the right place to post. If not, I hope
someone can tell me where to post this.

There is a domain, domain.com. And then there is domain2.com. Both
share the same ip address. Everything seems to work allright.

A couple of times, a fellow tells me that he cannot reach the page. He
gets a "Page cannot be displayed". I contacted the support for the
dedicated server. Dont think they solved it. But at some time my
friend could view the page. Now, something more concrete.

Yestareday, from my computer that is on a router, I viewed the page,
almost all the day. In the evening, when I typed the url, I got a
"Page cannot be displayed".

I then opened my laptop (that is not connected to the router, and has
his own ip address) and browsed to domain1.com. I could see the page
from there.

I got back to the pther computer, but I could still not see the page.

Late in the evening, after I contacted the support (that only keeps
saying that they can view the page and that there are no issues on the
server end) I could visualize the page again. Wow!

Late in the night, again the same problem. NB: at the same time I
could view the page from my laptop. Actually i always can see the page
from my laptop.

Today, fro all the day, I have not been able to view tha page. Never.
NB that domain2.com has almost always been reachable from computer 1.

The support dont seems to care. "It is not a server end problem, we
cannot do anything about this. The only thing you can do is to contact
your isp".

So my question is: what happens with all thise people (because there
are other, Im not the only one. Not many, but I know that there are)
that will not reach the page? They will type the url, for the first
time. They will see a page cannot be displayed. And they will never
come back again.

otherwise, according to the advice I got from the support, I can
contact my isp and, probably, all the isp in the world and tell them
that there is/can be some issue with my domain.

is this posible? im not much for sysadmin, but I cannot believe this
is true. What do you think? Is this a normal situation? I think this
is unacceptable. Is there anyone that can give me an advice on how to
try to solve this?

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