dns issue?

Dawn Connelly dawn.connelly at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 18:38:58 UTC 2008

A page can not be displayed has about a million different reasons. To
eliminate DNS as the problem you need to run a dns query at the time of the
failure and compare those results to when there isn't a failure.
Start, run, cmd, nslookup <enter>, domain.com <enter> domain2.com <enter>.
If you get the expected results then DNS isn't the problem. If you want more
information you can do nslookup -debug <enter>. Dig would be a better tool
to test with but that isn't on a windows machine natively and you would need
to install it.

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 5:16 PM, <warth33 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Well, I dont know if Im at the right place to post. If not, I hope
> someone can tell me where to post this.
> There is a domain, domain.com. And then there is domain2.com. Both
> share the same ip address. Everything seems to work allright.
> A couple of times, a fellow tells me that he cannot reach the page. He
> gets a "Page cannot be displayed". I contacted the support for the
> dedicated server. Dont think they solved it. But at some time my
> friend could view the page. Now, something more concrete.
> Yestareday, from my computer that is on a router, I viewed the page,
> almost all the day. In the evening, when I typed the url, I got a
> "Page cannot be displayed".
> I then opened my laptop (that is not connected to the router, and has
> his own ip address) and browsed to domain1.com. I could see the page
> from there.
> I got back to the pther computer, but I could still not see the page.
> Late in the evening, after I contacted the support (that only keeps
> saying that they can view the page and that there are no issues on the
> server end) I could visualize the page again. Wow!
> Late in the night, again the same problem. NB: at the same time I
> could view the page from my laptop. Actually i always can see the page
> from my laptop.
> Today, fro all the day, I have not been able to view tha page. Never.
> NB that domain2.com has almost always been reachable from computer 1.
> The support dont seems to care. "It is not a server end problem, we
> cannot do anything about this. The only thing you can do is to contact
> your isp".
> So my question is: what happens with all thise people (because there
> are other, Im not the only one. Not many, but I know that there are)
> that will not reach the page? They will type the url, for the first
> time. They will see a page cannot be displayed. And they will never
> come back again.
> otherwise, according to the advice I got from the support, I can
> contact my isp and, probably, all the isp in the world and tell them
> that there is/can be some issue with my domain.
> is this posible? im not much for sysadmin, but I cannot believe this
> is true. What do you think? Is this a normal situation? I think this
> is unacceptable. Is there anyone that can give me an advice on how to
> try to solve this?

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