DDNS Registration behind Load Balancer

Kevin Darcy kcd at chrysler.com
Thu Jun 26 22:07:58 UTC 2008

Linux Addict wrote:
> Greeting!!
> I am configuring a DNS setup where its mix of Linux and Windows hosts.
> I decided to go with BIND rather than MS DNS Server. I have Windows
> hosts doing dynamic registration to the BIND Master Server.
> The next step on my project is add Load Balancer with 3 servers. I was
> thinking of one master and 2 slaves initially. Then it struck me that
> when a Windows Host does DDNS registration against the Load Balancer
> VIP, and when the Load Balancer redirects the traffic to one of the
> slave server, it will not accept the changes as its only secondary. So
> now the requirement is have all 3 servers accept DDNS registration for
> the same zone.
> I hope some of you have already set this up. Please guide me on how to
> achieve this.
Direct registration of DNS by Wintel clients is broken, unless you want 
to run a full Micro$oft shop, complete with multi-master AD-integrated DNS.

Just have your DHCP server register the DNS updates. Secure those 
through through TSIG if your DHCP server implementation supports it.

               - Kevin

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