caching only + wildcard

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Fri Jun 27 00:07:18 UTC 2008

> Hi Josh,
> Since most of the large ISPs (RR, earthlink) already do it, I don't
> think a small ISP like us would make any difference.
> Due to increasing we must find new ways of making money.
> And actually our solution will HELP our users because we plan to give
> them a link to the original website that we think they were looking
> for.

	That's the problem.  The internet is not just HTTP.  The
	internet is SMTP, TELNET, SSH, HTTP etc. 

	Point your SMTP servers at this then wait for the complaints
	from your customers.  Every mistyped email domain will stall
	on your servers. Somethings are supposed to fail immediately.

	You wouldn't inflict this on your own servers.  Don't inflict
	this on your customers.  Cutomers need NXDOMAIN responses
	just as much as your own servers need NXDOMAIN responses.

	This is a formal announcement to not re-write NXDOMAINS
	responses for queries ending in ANDREWS.WATTLE.ID.AU.
> Thanks
> Idan

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