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> Thank you for your reply, and sorry for not being clear. I'll try to
> explain again.
> We are a small ISP.
> We want to display a friendly message to our users whenever they are
> trying to access a non existent domain.
> So the flow we were thinking about is:
> 1. User queries our (caching-only) NS
> 2. Our NS checks the root servers and get a "NXDOMAIN" reply.
> 3. We return to the user an A RECORD with the IP address of our server
> 4. The user goes to that IP address and gets our error message.
> So we basically want the ability to add a wildcard record to our NS,
> but have that wildcard catch ONLY when our NS gets an NXDOMAIN reply
> from the root server.
> I hoped I explained myself OK this time.

This can't be done with BIND, but there are some customer DNS servers 
that do it.

Others have responded with reasons why this is a bad idea.  But if you 
really want to do it, you could perhaps out-source your DNS to OpenDNS, 
which offers this as an option for users (you have to opt into it).

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