MX Records: separate web and email servers

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Fri Jun 27 00:12:57 UTC 2008

> Hello,
> Due to the nature of this question, I was not quite sure where to post
> it. Apologies if this is the wrong group.
> The setup in question involves web and mail hosting for a given domain
> name (""). Website and email are hosted on two separate
> servers. DNS records for the domain name specify the web server's IP
> address for the "" A record, the mail server's IP address
> for the "" A record. The latter ("")
> is also specified as the domain's only MX record. Simple and standard
> setup thus far.

	This is all normal.
> The web server is provided by a third party hosting company, and is by
> default configured to handle email for the said domain name.

	Defaults can be changed.  Submit a change request.


> As the
> web server isn't actually used for email, no mailboxes or aliases have
> been created. My problem is this: when an email is sent from a script
> on the web server to any address, it is automatically
> handled by the web server itself, and does enter the outside world.
> The web server immediately generates an NDR, and the email doesn't go
> anywhere. It's obvious that in this case, the MX record isn't used by
> the web server to look up the domain's true mail destination.
> What are my options? What, if any, is standard practice in this
> particular case?
> Thanks in advance for any help, or recommendations of other groups
> where I may receive some.
> Dima
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