DiG 9.4.2 AXFR hang: dighost.c:3331: REQUIRE(sockcount == 0) failed

Scott S. Bertilson scott at nts.umn.edu
Wed Mar 5 21:38:13 UTC 2008

Active Internet connections (servers and established)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address               Foreign Address             State      
tcp    67712      0 128.101.X.X:50258       128.101.X.X:53     ESTABLISHED 

Built from source, tracked back to:
evloop () at app.c:335
335                     n = select(maxfd, &readfds, &writefds, NULL, tvp);
maxfd = 22
readfds = {__fds_bits = {0 <repeats 32 times>}}
writefds = $23 = {__fds_bits = {0 <repeats 32 times>}}
tvp = 0
which never returns.

Tracked that back to isc__socketmgr_getfdsets
where these values come from socketmgr.  Don't
know the code well enough to go back farther
without more digging than I have time for at
the moment.


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