getting CNAME to work for equals on http line

Jeff jeep at
Sun Mar 9 15:43:25 UTC 2008

Ive read post after post about this topic and I still cant seem to get
it working.
Here is my file, can someone tell me what is wrong to get make: == on the http line?

$TTL    86400     1D IN SOA (
                    5       ; serial
                    1H      ; refresh
                    15M     ; retry
                    1W      ; expiry
                    1D )    ; minimum
; for pings etc IN A xx.xx.xx.xx

; Nameservers
    1D IN NS
    1D IN NS

; Canonical names
ns1     IN  A xx.xx.xx.1
ns2     IN  A xx.xx.xx.2
; BEFORE CNAME - www        IN  A xx.xx.xx.xx
mail    IN  A xx.xx.xx.xx

1   IN  PTR
2   IN  PTR
; 3 IN  PTR
4   IN  PTR
5   IN  PTR

; MX IN  MX      1



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