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Steven Stromer filter at stevenstromer.com
Wed May 7 15:12:23 UTC 2008

> Hi all,
> I am very new to DNS and I would like to know if the 2 following  
> features
> exist (or at least are implementable):
> 1- non complete domain hosting. I would like the BIND server to be  
> able to
> resolve IP addresses for server1.mydomain.com and  
> server2.mydomain.com, but
> leave all hostnames *.mydomain.com resolved by one of the Master DNS
> servers.

Assuming that you are not willing to create a subdomain, such as  
servers.mydomain.com, containing server1.servers.mydomain.com and  
server2.servers.mydomain.com, you would have to delegate authority  
for server1.mydomain.com and server2.mydomain.com as if they were  
single computer subdomains in and of themselves. Search for the  
thread in this mailing list titled 'Sharing authority without  
creating a subdomain' to see how the entries should read.

> 2- Spoof of Name error response with a static IP address, in order  
> to better
> control the user experience. For example, a user requesting
> www.unknownhost.com would not get an error from his browser, but  
> would get
> the configured static IP address instead. Behind this IP address  
> could be
> hosted a web server or somethine else.

The error message you are describing is served by the local web  
browser on the host that requested the erroneous URL, not by bind, or  
any web server. When a URL cannot be resolved, bind itself does  
nothing more than to respond with an empty record. This is all by  
design, and should probably be left alone. However, in a closed  
environment, it would be possible to create a proxy server running a  
script that tests requested URLs, and returns an address to a custom  
page being served. It is probably not worth the effort though.

> Thank you in advance for your replyes.
> Geoff.

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