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Steven Stromer filter at stevenstromer.com
Thu May 8 00:50:06 UTC 2008

>>> When a URL cannot be resolved, bind itself does nothing more than  
>>> to respond
>> with an empty record. This is all by design, and should probably  
>> be left
>> alone. However, in a closed environment, it would be possible to  
>> create a
>> proxy server running a script that tests requested URLs, and  
>> returns an
>> address to a custom page being served. It is probably not worth  
>> the effort
>> though.
> I assume that you are talking about setting up a DNS proxy server
> specifically designed to return an IP address in case of error or
> empty response from Master BIND?
> That's what we are preparing to face, but we are looking where to
> start. From scratch? use DNS library such as ldns? Pathcing an
> opensource DNS server (bind, maraDNS...)? Any suggestion?
> Thanks again for your answers

I haven't run across anything that already does this, but I haven't  
explicitly tried to do this before. The failure of a brief search to  
return anything hints that this is not a common practice. You are on  
the right path with ldns or the Net::DNS Perl library. Either way,  
you are likely to be coding this yourself. Sorry that I don't have  
more for you!

This specification might give some hints about the process:

Again, this is not a recommended practice. This somewhat related  
article lists some of the reasons why:

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