Regexp to match RR's

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Apr 8 22:09:34 UTC 2009

Jonathan Petersson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I got some time over so I decide to hack a bit on a DNS management
> tool for my home-server.
> I'm curious as to wether someone knows of a list of regexps that can
> be used to match RR's.
I'm not sure why a DNS management tool would be in the business of 
"matching" RRs textually. The most popular methods these days for 
generating and updating zone data appear to be a) Dynamic Update, b) h2n 
(which converts a "hosts" file into zone files, under fairly 
sophisticated configuration control), or c) backend database. None of 
these methods entails parsing the contents of a zone file as input, 
except perhaps initially as a way to import legacy zone files into the 
new management tool (and in my opinion, the same thing could be 
accomplished more cleanly by AXFR'ing the contents of the zones instead 
of parsing the zone files).

Managing DNS by manipulating zone files textually is, in my opinion, a 
dead end. I tried that over a decade ago and it was just too much of a 
headache and I had to switch methodologies.

- Kevin

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