Regexp to match RR's

Jonathan Petersson jpetersson at
Wed Apr 8 22:15:25 UTC 2009

I think you've valid points in this, the stuff I'm coding on is using
dynamic updates, right now I'm mainly looking at the regexp stuff to
validate user input via a web-ui. Surely when using dynamic updates
you will have an error thrown at you if you give incorrect input but I
believe it would be a better thing if the tool itself gave this to
prevent sending incorrect data to begin with.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 3:09 PM, Kevin Darcy <kcd at> wrote:
> Jonathan Petersson wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I got some time over so I decide to hack a bit on a DNS management
>> tool for my home-server.
>> I'm curious as to wether someone knows of a list of regexps that can
>> be used to match RR's.
> I'm not sure why a DNS management tool would be in the business of
> "matching" RRs textually. The most popular methods these days for generating
> and updating zone data appear to be a) Dynamic Update, b) h2n (which
> converts a "hosts" file into zone files, under fairly sophisticated
> configuration control), or c) backend database. None of these methods
> entails parsing the contents of a zone file as input, except perhaps
> initially as a way to import legacy zone files into the new management tool
> (and in my opinion, the same thing could be accomplished more cleanly by
> AXFR'ing the contents of the zones instead of parsing the zone files).
> Managing DNS by manipulating zone files textually is, in my opinion, a dead
> end. I tried that over a decade ago and it was just too much of a headache
> and I had to switch methodologies.
> - Kevin
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