URL Redirection via DNS

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I think in Apache, URL redirection is done via "rewrite":

I hope this helps with the intial question since this at the application layer.
While this may help with the original question, this is now off topic.

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Short answer:  No
Longer answer:  Only FQDN can be aliased with CNAME.   That’s not technically a redirect.   (e.g. mike.mydomain.com being CNAME to Ralph.mydomain.com is OK – however you can not make mike.mydomain.com/landingpage do anything because “/landingpage” is not part of the FQDN so has nothing to do with DNS.)
Minor Rant:  Why don’t web developers know how to do simple URL redirection and quit asking DNS Admins to do it for them?


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Or it's too much complex to me, or you're terrible wrong in concepts.
DNS has nothing to do with URL redirection, that's a web server job, or again, it's too much complex to me. :) What would be an example of what you want to do?
Hi guys,
Is it possible to setup DNS to redirect URLs in the address bar of an IE?
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