How to use h2n for my subdomain delegation

Mike Bernhardt bernhardt at
Wed Apr 29 19:09:17 UTC 2009

We currently use h2n in a simple configuration. There are redundant DNS
servers that I have not shown here:

        -M -y -I ignore -q
        -d spcl=spcl.bart mode=D
        -n 148.165/16 -n
        -h Athena
        -T RR="                IN      A"
        -T RR="                IN     MX 10    notes.adm"

Spcl.bart contains some CNAMES that point to hosts outside of our domain.

I want to delegate forward and reverse a /18 chunk of 148.165/16. I know
that what I need in the end will be
In db.bart:
	adm	IN	NS
	dhcp-01.adm	IN	A

In db.148.165:
	$GENERATE	64-127 $	NS

I will also be delegating a portion of 10/8 to the same server, with the
same subdomain.

My question is what is the best way to set up my h2n configuration? Can I
use multiple spcl files? If so, how?  Should I do it with "-d"
and the -S option or will that create multiple zone files? Can I do it with
-T resource records?

A sample config using the provided specifics would be much appreciated!


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