How to use h2n for my subdomain delegation

Mike Bernhardt bernhardt at
Wed Apr 29 21:48:07 UTC 2009

I finally understand how to use spcl files, so I now know that I can have
several. I was thrown by the existence of the spcl statement in the current
h2n config when in fact it was not required.

Therefore, it would appear that using spcl files is the easiest way to add
the NS statements, but I would appreciate any comments about whether I'm
missing something, etc.

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Subject: How to use h2n for my subdomain delegation

We currently use h2n in a simple configuration. There are redundant DNS
servers that I have not shown here:

        -M -y -I ignore -q
        -d spcl=spcl.bart mode=D
        -n 148.165/16 -n
        -h Athena
        -T RR="                IN      A"
        -T RR="                IN     MX 10    notes.adm"

Spcl.bart contains some CNAMES that point to hosts outside of our domain.

I want to delegate forward and reverse a /18 chunk of 148.165/16. I know
that what I need in the end will be
In db.bart:
	adm	IN	NS
	dhcp-01.adm	IN	A

In db.148.165:
	$GENERATE	64-127 $	NS

I will also be delegating a portion of 10/8 to the same server, with the
same subdomain.

My question is what is the best way to set up my h2n configuration? Can I
use multiple spcl files? If so, how?  Should I do it with "-d"
and the -S option or will that create multiple zone files? Can I do it with
-T resource records?

A sample config using the provided specifics would be much appreciated!


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