Creating a CNAME to another domain.

Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Aug 2 03:03:30 UTC 2009

Kevin Darcy wrote:
> Danny Mayer wrote:
>> Kevin Darcy wrote:
>>> Ezra Taylor wrote:
>>>> Hello All:
>>>>                How can I create a CNAME that points to another
>>>> domain.  Example below.  Is the below example possible?
>>>> <>     IN    CNAME    
>>>> <>.
>>> If is just an ordinary name in the zone,
>>> then there is no problem with what you show above (except,
>>> syntactically, you need the trailing dot, as was already pointed out).
>>> If, on the other hand, is a *zone*, then it's not
>>> possible, because in that case there would be "apex" records (records
>>> whose name is the same as that of the zone); at a minimum, an SOA and at
>>> least 2 NS records, which are required for each and every zone. When a
>>> particular name owns a CNAME record, it cannot also own SOA or NS
>>> records.
>> Not true. For a Domain alias use a DNAME:
>>    IN     DNAME
> Bearing in mind that the OP asked specifically about creation of CNAMEs,
> which part is "not true"?

Aliasing domain names.


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