Slave server not using the IP set using transfer-source

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Aug 5 15:17:13 UTC 2009

In message <00163646d5c2137e6b0470660910 at>, mrkbkr at writes:
> I am using the configuration options shown in that faq, but I am running  
> into a problem when my master server send a NOTIFY to the slaves. I have a  
> zone with the same name in all four views. When the master send a notify  
> for that zone to the slaves, the slave query the master to see what the  
> serial is. When they do this they are sending the query through their  
> default IP and not the IP I have set as the transfer source for that  
> domain. Since they are using their default IP they are getting a serial of  
> the same zone in a different view and not requesting the updated zone file  
> from the master. The slave servers are getting the new zone file when doing  
> a refresh call to the master server, since they are using the  
> transfer-source for that operation. Is there anything I can do besides  
> lowering the refresh interval to 5 minutes?
> Mark

	Re-read the FAQ.  It shows you how to do it.  You need to make
	sure the out going notify matches the appropriate view on
	the slave.  There are enough controls in named to do this.
	The FAQ has 2 view examples of how to do this.  Extrapolating
	to more views really should not be hard.

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