Building bind with GEO backend on Windows for Server 2008

Todd Nine todd at
Thu Aug 6 05:19:37 UTC 2009

Hi all,

	I'm charged with building a geographically distributed application,  
and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a good DNS server we can use  
with Windows.  Historically I've always run our applications on Cent  
OS, but for this project we're using Windows as it's the existing  
infrastructure and we want to keep our costs low for our DNS servers.   
We have some basic requirements below, and I could use some guidance  
from the developer list on how to best proceed.

Return IP's for a DNS lookup to a user based on their location (Geo IP  
Nodes actively communicate with DNS server to announce they're online
DNS server removes a stale node's IP records if a node crashes
Only serves as a leaf DNS server, does not perform recursion.
Authoritative for subdomains such as

I would like to use the latest 9.6.1-P1 release with this patched code 
.  Rather than a MySQL backend we'd like to build something that can  
either use ODBC, or MsSQL as that's the database we need to use.   
We're aiming for building a system similar to 
, so any help and advice.  I've built and maintained many basic BIND  
installations over the years, but this one is outside my experience so  
any help/advice/guidance regarding windows gotchas before I encounter  
them would be greatly appreciated

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